What is the Best Way to Edit My Essay?

One of the most critical mistakes a student can make before submitting their essay is failing to proofread. There are two reasons for this. First, editing is necessary to ensure that your thesis is proven and your main ideas are clear throughout. Second, it helps you ensure you have followed the proper guidelines for referencing your sources and used proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This article will teach you the best techniques to edit my essay so you receive top marks.

  1. Don’t Proofread Alone
  2. You would be surprised at the large number of resources available for students who need papers edited. This ranges from a friend or family member that is willing to look over your work to online tools or sites offering editing help for students. You can rely on any of these resources. If you use a tool or let a friend help instead of calling on a professional, however, always be sure to check your work yourself before submitting it.

  3. Start in a Distraction-Free Environment
  4. Distractions are the enemy as you edit essay papers. They can cause you to overlook critical mistakes, especially those that your average spelling and grammar checker won’t check. Try to edit in a quiet area. You should also avoid distractions from social media, games, or other work that may pop up.

  5. Read Everything Slowly and Aloud
  6. The best way to proofread is to read aloud, especially if you have trouble slowing down as you edit. Reading aloud lets you catch mistakes that you might skim over otherwise. This is especially true if you recently completed the work. If you cannot read out loud, time yourself reading it at your average speed. Force yourself to slow down so it takes you at least 2 minutes longer when you edit your work.

  7. Follow the Style Guide
  8. Chances are, your teacher assigned the essay with the guidelines to use either APA- or MLA-format. It is critical that you follow these guidelines, since you can lose points if you don’t. Additionally, failure to provide the right information on your sources may cause your teacher to make you re-submit the entire assignment. If you are using an essay editing service, make sure they are aware of the style that was used for your paper so they can adjust errors accordingly.

  9. Double Check Your References
  10. The style that you write in depends on how thorough your references must be. Often, academic assignments require in-text citations that align with the sources listed on your reference page. Double check to make sure none of your sources are missing. Then, read through your paper and make sure you haven’t presented any facts without corresponding proof.

  11. Proofread in Steps
  12. If you hire professional editing help, they will tell you that editing is something that should be done in many steps. This lets you focus on one area at a time and ensures you will not miss anything. You should read over at least twice, but preferably more. If you are only reading twice, spend the first time checking for the flow of the work and the clarity of your ideas. The second time, you will want to focus on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you can, proofread several times and focus on things like spelling, grammar, and punctuation at individual times.

Often, the seemingly simple mistakes that may be overlooked without a thorough editing job can make the difference in your grade. Do not miss out on easy points. Remember, you can turn to outside help from an editing service if you are unsure of your abilities or want to guarantee a well-proofread essay submission.


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