Where Can Beginners Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Online writing has gradually evolved to become the ultimate internet hustle for anyone with a knack for words. It has never been easier to make money from your expertise whether you are a student, professional, tutor or even a business owner. In a globalized world of commerce, it is easy for clients to meet service providers and content creators are leveraging this opportunity to make money.

How to Build a Career in Online Writing
If you are wondering how you can harness the immense power of internet technology, it is time to learn how to start creating content and proofreading jobs. To get started you have to reschedule your time and find a slot for these tasks. This is important if you are a college student or in employment.

More importantly, you need to narrow down on a particular freelancing option when looking for freelance writing jobs Canada. Most beginners get overwhelmed by the options available and it is thus advisable to identify a specific type of job you can focus on. The popular freelancing options include blogging, web content creation web copy creation, essay editor jobs, academic and research writing, magazine features, social media c0nten creation among others.

It is also advisable to narrow down on a subject area you wish to focus on both in website content creation and academic tasks. This helps grow your clout in this field and builds your reputation in the industry. When looking for online jobs, it is advisable to work only with reputable freelancer websites to avoid being scammed off your hard earned money.

Where to find work in Online Writing
When looking for writing gigs as a beginner or freelance writing jobs for college students you have to be cautious to be realistic on the tasks you can complete. Many beginners fail because they have no idea where to get started and what type of work to pick. To avoid the same pitfall, start with the following platforms as you strive to build a profile:

  1. iWriter: A lot has been said about iWriter but what most people don’t want to say is that they started here. This is one of the easiest platforms to get started as a writer. Getting started is as easy as a signing up and finding orders you can complete. Your money will immediately be sent to your PayPal account when the client approves the order.
  2. About.com: If you want to earn money selling your expertise in a particular field, this is a good place to start. You can write guides on virtually anything under the sun. The rates might be low but completing work is easy and if you are good at what you are talking about, there isn’t much research required.
  3. Academic freelancer marketplaces: There are several reputable marketplaces where a starter can find work without the risk of losing their money. These include UpWork, PeoplePerHour, Guru, freelancer among others. You can find an academic writing job that perfectly suits your skills. On these platforms, you have a chance to work only on an area where you are good at by ensuring your platform clearly detailing your expertise in the profile section.
  4. Online Job Boards: The range of jobs available on online boards is immense and you have an opportunity to get a steady flow of work throughout the year. While the requirements are more stringent on these platforms, the pay is also better and can get special orders from your clients. Among the most notable freelancing job boards are Blogging Pro, Freelance Writing Jobs, Indeed, Clippings.com among others.

You can find writers and editors wanted ads on many other platforms but as a beginner you can narrow down your choices to these. Here you are guaranteed regular work and on time payments.


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