Where To Look For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Online writing is one of the most popular work-from home opportunities to make money. With the advent of internet technology, making money has never been easier and specialists in all areas are finding it more convenient to sell their knowledge. Whatever your area of specialization, there is someone out there looking for an essay and you can turn your passion into money.

Why Online Writing?
While other avenues of making money online exist, academic writing jobs are the most readily available and simple for you to get started. All you need is a personal computer and a stable internet connection and you are set to go.

There is steady flow of orders throughout the year and as your reputation in a particular area of specialization grows, you will attract special orders from clients looking for topnotch papers. The flexibility offered by these jobs makes is easy to exploit these opportunities full time or as a side hustle. If you are planning to write from home the outlook in this field is positive.

As more people discover the convenience that comes with hiring experts online, you can leverage your established expertise to maintain a constant flow of work coming your way. By gradually building your reputation, you are able to grow your client base even during the low seasons.

Gold Mines for Best Writing Gigs
As more people discover the untapped opportunities in providing quality essays online, the competition for online writing job opening is bound to get stiffer. As a freelancer one of the most daunting tasks you face is finding quality and high paying content writing jobs. In a globalized internet market, it is a free for all and you have to be very keen to identify and leverage every opportunity that emerges.

The greatest secret to success in online writing is in knowing where you can sell your skills fast and at top dollar rates. Below are some curated sources of the top paying gigs in this field:

  1. LinkedIn Jobs
  2. Anyone intending to make money from plying their skills on the internet market has to be ready to network. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, make use of it by checking out the jobs section. Get interactive with people you think might be looking for essays or any other type of writing jobs.

  3. ProBlogger Job Section
  4. If you are serious about turning your love for words into money you should be familiar with ProBlogger by now. If not, this authority site built by Darren Rowse should be a good place to start. The jobs section is where you need to regularly visit and you might be lucky to connect with some of the top blogs.

  5. FlexJobs
  6. If you are into telecommuting, FlexJobs is a good platform to leverage. Writers have a chance to create a custom job search profile which helps attract tailored jobs. If for instance you are good at scientific writing jobs you can custom the orders coming your way and the best thing about this site is the alerts that come once a job matches your requirements.

  7. BloggingPro Job Section
  8. If you haven’t yet tried out the BloggingPro job board, you are missing out big time. There are hundreds of copywriting jobs and it is easy to find your preferred category by narrowing down your search. The credibility of this blogging site makes it popular with big-time blogs and you can get a chance to work with the crème de la crème in different niches.

Of course there are many other platforms where you can find high quality and top dollar freelance writing jobs. As a freelancer, you need to identify a niche to refine your expertise and also increase flow of return clients.


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