I too was once a stranger to the freelance writing world. Before I started this blog, I was a kid, fresh out of high school, that needed to make money while attending college. I did a lot of research on the Internet, seeking an answer to my worry about fitting employment around my class schedule. This is where I found my first few freelance writing jobs. It was these early jobs that would prepare me for other jobs for academic writers. Check out this article for steps on how you can become a freelance writer.

  1. Start with Samples
  2. How likely is it that you would hire a plumber to fix your kitchen sink if they had no job-specific schooling or previous references? Looking for a job as a freelance writer is the same, as it will be hard for you to get your first writing gig without anything to show for your abilities. When you are starting out, explain your passion for writing and learning. Then, show some samples of your previous work. These do not necessarily need to be articles or reviews. If you have some of your high school or college samples, these will work well! Just make sure you proofread each piece of writing again before submitting it- you do not want to make any critical areas that will ruin your chance at a job.

  3. Know Where to Look
  4. There are many reputable companies on the Internet that want to connect writers with potential clients. By going through a writing company, there is a lesser chance of being ripped off. Many of these sites offer an escrow account, where clients make a deposit once you settle a business contract. They are released when you finish the work.
    One of the best places to find online writing jobs for college students is writersdepartment.com. While it is great for students looking to make an extra buck, I have found that this site is also an excellent choice for starting your career as a writer. They offer above-average rates and a flexible schedule, so you can work when you want.

  5. Connecting with Clients
  6. The easiest way to start your writing career is to work with a writing company. If you plan on making a career out of your position, then you may be able to quit working for the company and source your own clients once you are well known. This will be a long time in the future though and it takes a lot of hard work and planning.
    Some things to consider as you choose which clients to contact include the amount of money you will earn, how long the project will take you, and if you want short-term or long-term work. Short-term work is a good choice if you do not know if you are writing something that will interest you. Long-term work is a good option for topics you enjoy. It also offers job security, since long-term work is bread-and-butter for a writer.

  7. Starting Your Business Contract
  8. Once you have contacted a client who likes your samples, a contract will be devised. The contract should contain information like the specifics of the job, how much you will earn, and when the assignment will be completed by. If you are not happy with what the client is offering, you can try to negotiate with the client. If they do not want to agree, or at least meet you half-way, do not be afraid to turn them away. There are always more contracts.

  9. Planning for Success
  10. Landing your first job for writers is a huge milestone in your freelance writing career. Still, you must continue working if you want to grow. Once you have finished your first job, consider how long that it took you to complete the project. Keeping track of this will help you increase efficiency and better track your earnings.

If you want to seek writing jobs online, then you must first know where to start. By following this guide, you will find yourself with a writing job in no time at all. Then, you can begin to work on your financial freedom while still excelling in college.